Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you provide?

I enthusiastically provide full, safe service - a girlfriend experience to make your heart (and parts) sing. 

What’s with the screening and deposit?

It may not seem terribly romantic, but it's in both of our best interests. The less my time is wasted means all the more I can spend with you. 

How should I prepare for our time together? 

I get butterflies before every date, I hope you do too. But try to relax, have a nice thorough shower, and dont forget to hydrate. 

When are you available?

I'm available most evenings and weekends. I am not however available at short notice, especially late night. I know I might strike you as the kind of woman who does nothing but lounge in lingerie and full makeup (ok that's true sometimes), but it is best to book ahead so we both get what we want. 

Social dates! I do them! Want to go for dinner or watch a movie? Something a little less...naked? Get in touch and we can discuss my social rates.